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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ready for surgery!

5:30am-On our way to the hospital with Otis (his stuffed dog)!! So excited for Cochlear Implant surgery!

6:30am-in the waiting room!

7:00am-in the pre-op room!

Thanks to Aunt Sara, Otis is ready for surgery too!

Just talked to Dr. Choo. He expects the surgery to only be 5-6 hours including recovery time. 30 minutes for prepping for surgery. Then, around 3 hours for surgery. Recovery should only be 45 minutes or so. 

Brody isn't too sure what to think about the hospital room. He's trying to pull out all the cords he can find. And he's finally realized he is hungry. He's been signing milk over and over. 

9:00am-getting ready to head to head to the induction room for anesthesia! They will put a mask on him and said he should be asleep with in a minute or so! Jordan and I get to stay with him until he goes in the operation room!

So tired and hungry!

Child life brought him some new toys to play with!

9:10am- already out and in the OR!

We didn't get a picture with the anesthesia. He went too quick. Otis is on his bed ready for the OR! They are going to come out and update us every so often. 

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