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Friday, November 7, 2014

Moooooo! I want candy please!

Brody had a fun Halloween season! He attended 4 trick-or-treats before Halloween night trick-or-treating. I bought his cow costume back in September at one of the consignment sales. I would love to make him a hanade costume, but I don't have the time or craftiness. Store bought it is! He refused to put on the costume. Like literally screaming bloody murder whenever I would show it to him. So of course Papa Brown decided he also needed a cow costume. 

We went to the Louisivlle Zoo's Halloween event. I haven't really been a big fan of it in past years, but they redid the course this year and I liked it a lot better. Brody was happy to put the cow costume on when he saw Papa Brown in his. Brody kept saying "two cows." We worked all week on saying "trick-or-treat," but it was too hard. He mastered "I want candy please." We by-passed all the characters this year. There were long lines and we had just seen them at Disney this summer. He was on a mission for candy and didn't seem to notice them. He did pause for about 30 minutes to dance with the Chi Omegas that we're having a dance party. He was smitten with one girl in particular. Lady's man. 

Jordan and I had a million weddings this fall. While we were at one of them, my parents took Brody to the VIPS trunk or treat. He put the costume on right away when they reminded him he would get candy. Way to a boys heart!

Brody also got to trick-or-treat at his VIPS preschool and at his Heuser Plaugroup. They went around the school at both places to practice knocking on the doors and trick-or-treating. I'm pretty sure he had fun although the pictures don't look like it. 

On Halloween night, Jordan got caught up at work and was late getting home. Brody handed out candy while he was waiting. He loved it until the teenagers started coming around with masks on. He decided that if he held onto the doorknob he would be safe though. If they had a mask, he refused to give them candy. I asked the neighbor if he could take his off to show Brody that it was pretend. Of course I picked the kid who had zombie makeup underneath the mask. He's not a fan at all. We went down the street when Jordan got home, in the freezing cold. About 5 houses in, Brody got a sucker and was done with trick-or-treating. I forced him to go to the three neighbors we know that we hadn't been to yet and then we headed in to get warm. 

He learned a lot of new vocabulary and is using it. When we pulled up to my parents house after Halloween, he said "pumpkin all gone." I was able to understand him out of context and not looking at him!