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Friday, January 31, 2014

Language, language, language!

We have Brody's IFSP meeting this coming week. He has come so far in these last 6 months! We haven't really been too worried about his fine motor skills (the small motor movement usually with your fingers). One of his goals was feeding with utensils. He still struggles with this and we are hoping to continue working I that goal on his new plan. He is able to do simple puzzles now!


Another one of Brody's goals was working on core strength. We did a lot of stair work. He can go up and down now. He wants to hold on to the rail so bad and be a big kid, but he is still a little short for the one at our house.


My mom and I wrote down all of his words. I didn't realize how many he had now! We are still adding to the list as we see Brody use new words. Right now he has about 10 words he is actually using his voice only for. He says "all" for ball, "ooo" for open, "eee" for eat, "mmmm-rr" for more, "ana" for banana, "meow," "moo," and a few more that I can't think of right now. He has about 30 more words that he uses signs for. Brody is starting to remember signs that we had taught him awhile ago. His memory amazes me! He has over 75 words that he understands when we say them. He is starting to make choices between two objects.


We went to Dayton this past weekend to celebrate baby girl Fromholt! She will be here in March!


Thanks Mitchell for the big cousin shirt!


Brody (note the face), Aunt Sarah Fromholt, and her other nephew Mitchell

Brody had a lot of fun after the shower with Papa Tom and Grammy. He thought he was big stuff for being able to climb in Papa Tom's chair all by himself!


We went to the Cincinatti Boat Show while we were there. Brody liked the people watching. They had a big tank where they were showing off a new radar fish thing (technical terms here). Brody loved the big fish inside. He kept saying "hi" and then signing fish.


Jordan's birthday was on Tuesday. We went out and got sushi. Brody loved the chopsticks and even succeeded to get some food in him mouth with them!


Med-el (one of the cochlear implant manufacturers) has some great resources on their website. Cochlear and Advanced bionics do too. I strongly encourage parents to check them out! The Med-el site isn't as user friendly as the other two, but if you can find the information, it is very useful! One thing inperticular is a developmental timeline. (Okay below is the link for the Cochlear one because, like I said, the med-el site is hard to find things on and I couldn't find it again!) One thing to remember with kids who have cochlear implants is that their ears are like a newborn baby's ears at activation. So Brody's "hearing age" is about 4 1/2 months right now. He is right at about 8 months on the checklist! You do have to account for some maturity because cognitively he is older than 4 months, but still he is moving right along! We would like to see more babbling next. He uses a lot of vowels with only one syllable. We would like to see some p, b, d, and m sounds. Here's the link...


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow Day (again)

We've had some crazy weather here in Kentucky...looks like pretty much every where else in the US too. We had some bad snow and ice Friday morning during rush hour. We still had school, but it was a horrible drive in! Brody had a runny nose and couldn't go outside to play in the snow, so Grandma brought a bowl of snow in to play with. He loved it!

Saturday, Brody attended a Hawaiin themed 1st birthday party. Hawaii sounds nice right about now! He had a lot of fun once he let go of Jordan. I told Jordan afterwards that it is weird for me to see kids with out hearing aids or implants. I guess it's because those we the kids I work with everyday, and my firstborn wears them too. Little ears look naked without anything on them! Brody played with one of the little boys but could have cared less about the birthday girl or other girls. :)

Sunday, we had a slight breakthrough in the church nursery! Brody at first loved it, then hated it, then tolerated it, then hated it again. I was for sure this week would be no different. He was in a weird mood all morning. We saw that he was teething too, but they said he had a great time. Crazy! Prove mama wrong!

I was off work yesterday and Brody had three different therapies. He worked great with Ms. Paula. He is turning to he entire box of toys now. We started working on conditioned play. This is when an adult would raise their hand when they hear a beep for a hearing test. Kids will put a toy to their ear then put it in a box, or on a board, etc. when they hear the sound. We were working with ringing a bell and having Brody put one of the rings on the stacking toy. He is starting to get the game of putting it to him ear and then on to the stacker, but I'm not sure he is really getting the point of doing it when he hears the bell. It's a work in progress!

Then, we are a quick lunch and headed to see Ms. Melody for Aqua therapy. Brody has been doing really good the past few sessions. He screamed and could not calm himself down. Ms. Melody gave him about 20 minutes and then decided to stop. Poor Brody. He wouldn't even look at her when they got out of the pool. Oh well, we'll try again next week!

After aqua therapy, we went to grandma and Papa Brown's house for Ms. Arlene to come do OT. Brody worked better for her than he did for Melody. He would only do things on his terms though. She showed us how to use the rocking chair as part of therapy. Anything to rock or spin helps with the vestibular system.

Brody is becoming very stubborn. He is throwing tantrums and throwing off his processors. Where is my easy going, quiet kid? I mean, he is still an easy, go with the flow kid, but he is starting to have more independence and opinions. This week, he has started refusing food...even foods we know he likes. I gave him turkey and cheese like I usually do for lunch. He looked at me and threw it on the ground. My mom informed me that he only likes it on bread now with mayo and mustard. My bad! I gave him a sandwich today, and he ate the whole thing!

I had a snow day today...another one. I'm all for being safe, but we are going to be in school all summer! Today was actually a correct call though. We got a little over 4 inches and it continued to snow most of the day. Jordan worked from home until it was light out and the snow had stopped a little. Brody was a big fan of daddy being here, but not a fan of him leaving us.

He was a little spitfire all day! Even stole my drink at one point and thought he was hilarious!

After his nap, I bundled him up and took him out to play in the snow. While Bear loved it, Brody was not a fan. He was trying to walk and kept falling over. :(





Grandma got Brody a shaving kit for the bathtub for Christmas. He loves it! I guess he doesn't really have a model to watch having for since Daddy has a big beard going on. He got the hang of it though!



Friday, January 10, 2014

A big brag post!

Brody has had a busy and very productive week! We were out of school Monday and Tuesday because of the cold weather, so I was able to have an extended winter break to cuddle with my little man some more. I was also able to go to a few appointments and therapy sessions with him.


Monday, we saw Dr. John Franklin, the ophthalmologist. Brody did great other than letting them put the drops in to dilate his eyes. He quickly recovered when he saw the play room had a kitchen (his favorite)!



Dr. Franklin took a lot of time to talk to us and look at Brody's retinas. He said if he didn't know Brody had a diagnosis, he wouldn't see anything abnormal with his eyes. He was trying to convince himself he was seeing a waxy layer on the retina that is seen with RP (the vision loss that is associated with Ushers). However, he couldn't see anything yet. Dr. Franklin said everything looks great still and from what we were reporting to him, he is pretty certain that Brody's vision is still wonderful!



We were going every 6 months for a check up. Dr. Franklin felt that we could start coming every 9 months now unless we see a problem. So overall, a great report!


Monday afternoon, Brody had a joint therapy session with Ms. Paula (his deaf education teacher) and Ms. Mary (his Vision Impaired teacher). Brody was showing off for them! He was talking and pointing to his ear when he heard things. He doesn't get to see Ms. Mary much since vision isn't a big concern right now. He really enjoys her though!


On Tuesday, I got to take Brody to his listening therapy with Ms. Shelby in Lexington. He did much better than he did last time I tagged along. Last time, he whined the whole time. This time, he did everything Ms. Shelby wanted him to do. She wants us to start singing more songs and rhymes with him. Brody is starting to like music. He will dance when he hears it now (which means he IS hearing it)!


Wednesday, Brody saw Ms. Arlene, his OT. She was very pleased with his progress. She hasn't seen him for a few weeks. Apparently he worked well for her, but refused to do some things. He is starting to become very stubborn! I hope this isn't the beginning of those dreaded "terrible twos!"



Thursday, he saw Ms. Pat, his PT. She was also pleased with Brody's walking. He is still only walking back and forth between people. He is starting to go between us and his car, kitchen, or couch. I bet it will just be a few more weeks until we are chasing him around!


Ms. Pat was not happy with the shoes we got for his braces. She said that whoever had fitted the shoes didn't do a good job and they were big which is probably why he was walking funny when he was wearing them. Grandma took them back today and the store didn't give her any problems with exchanging them. Now they fit much better!


Ms. Kristie came in the afternoon. You can see some of her session below.




Today, Brody went to his VIPS playgroup. My mom said he was playing with some of the kids. Usually he sits back and watches them, but he was engaging with them and playing along side.


Brody has become super vocal over the last week. He has 5 words now (hi, bye, hot, uh oh, go). None of his words, other the hi, have all of the sounds, but in context you know what he is saying. He has also started praying now. :)

He is starting to do the motions to some children's songs. I got some of them on video. He started being silly in them, so they are a little long. I tried doing them without doing the motions...and Brody started doing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and the baby part in "The Wheels On the Bus." That means he's connecting speech and the song tunes!! Woohoo!! But of course I didn't get that part on video!




Grammy and Papa Tom are coming to visit tomorrow! Brody is excited!


And I liked this and wanted to share!



Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

Brody has had a fun week! He spent the majority of last week with Grandma, Papa Brown, and Aunt Sara. For Christmas, my mom and dad gave Jordan and I a trip to NYC to see Notre Dame play Rutgers in the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium. We also spent a few days in NYC sightseeing.

A few trip highlights...


Notre Dame game
Notre Dame game
Notre Dame game


Forget historical importance, Jordan was excited it was from Ghostbusters!



It poured and poured! This was the 9/11 Memorial. We were drenched and really didn't get to experience it. :(
Ice skating in Central Park-too expensive for our blood, but it was fun to watch!


Jordan made it to Nintendo World. His trip was made.



Rockefeller Christmas tree and skating rink


Jordan took me to see the Rockette's Christmas show...check that off my bucket list!

While we were in NYC, Brody didn't seem to miss us much!








Brody and I went to see Aunt Sara off at the airport New Years Eve. :( We won't see her again until June when we meet her at Disney World. She couldn't leave until someone modeled her sunglasses though.

We brought Brody some 2014 glasses back. He keeps getting frustrated with them because his processors and the glasses don't both fit on his ears.


Since everyone is aware that we are Bama fans and what happened last night, we can just focus on how excited Brody was at the beginning of the game. He fell asleep before half time. However, when I went in his room this morning, he greeted me with a "roll tide." I didn't have the heart to tell him we lost, so (like I said earlier on Facebook) we'll just let Brody think bama won!

In better news, WE HAVE AN ALMOST WALKER!! He was trying to stand again on his own yesterday, and then decided to take a few steps today! It was hard to video and motivate him to walk to me. I don't have the cool tripod like Grandma. :)

Here's a quick recap of Brody's year. Started out bald and now has had two haircuts!

And a New Year's kiss for you!