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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Audiograms and Mickey Mouse

We celebrated Brody's birthday this past weekend with some friends and family. It was Mickey Mouse themed (of course)! Brody was so excited for it!


Awesome Mickey Mouse cake made by a woman that works with Jordan (The Cake Lady & Son out of Lexington). It was so adorable and yummy!








Brody thought everything was hilarious! He loved the Mickey Mouse cake. He also continued to sing "happy to you" for Happy Birthday all night.


We had to start time out this week...that's been fun! He pretty pitiful. It was so sad (and hilarious) when I made Jordan put him in it. Daddy is supposed to be the fun one, not the disciplinary. :)


The "terrible twos" have set in a week early. I've been told that the threes are worst. My threes at school aren't this bad, but then again, Brody isn't throwing fits for his teachers either. We thought we were letting Brody have a fun time in the taxi that is attached to the grocery buggy. It ended with him lying on the floor, making snow angels, and refusing to come with us. Don't worry...I won the battle!



Baby Mary (Brody's cousin) was baptized on Sunday. There wasn't a nursery and Brody, although he tried to be quiet, was still pretty loud. I took him outside and walked around the church. He loved it! The church's school (where Jordan's grandmother went to grade school) had their parking lot painted with and alphabet caterpillar and a map of the United States. Brody loved it!!






We are doing VBS this week at church. Brody is going to the two year old class! He's so big! They said he did great too.


After VBS, Brody and I went up to Cincinnati Children's to see Dr. Scott. Brody did amazingly! They put him in the booth to have him listen to sounds at different volumes. Not only did we get Brody to work for the test with both processors on, but we were also able to get a good audiogram with only the right on and then only the left on. His audiogram showed his hearing in normal hearing range. The ones that he missed were so low that I could barely hear them. Since he worked so well, Dr. Scott said he wanted to try doing some vocabulary tests on him.


First, we did the Word Inteligibility by Picture Identification (WIPI) test. The WIPI had 6 pictures on each page and was a little too busy for Brody. After trying two pages, we changed and did the Northwestern University-Children's Perception of Speech (Nu-Chips) test. We got through about 12 pages. Each page had 4 pictures on it. Dr. Scott would say a word (covering his mouth so Brody couldn't see him) and then Brody was to point to the picture that matched the word. He only missed a few. He missed soap, but it was a bar of soup and I'm not sure he has seen anything other than liquid soap. He also missed school, which he doesn't go to yet. Brody missed gum, but has never chewed it. The only one he missed that he knew was coat. He pointed to goat. So although he missed it, it was close! Usually, two year olds aren't given these tests. We are so proud of him!


Brody and Jordan are getting into the World Cup. Sorry Uncle Dany (he's a Spain fan), but Brody learned to say "Gooooooaaallll!"



Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer! (Almost)

I think Brody is going to fit in with this family just fine. I'm training him to carry all of the shopping bags already. :)
We have been in Ohio a lot lately visiting the Fromholt side of the family. Brody has become fond of Sully, Grammy and Papa Tom's dog. Sully will lay on the couch or the floor and let Brody lay on him like a pillow. Too cute!
We cooked out for Memorial Day at Papa Tom and Grammy's house. Brody loved having his Uncles there to play with. He especially loved ping pong and corn hole.




I may have made a mistake by letting him eat ice cream in the car...


Last summer, Brody loved the little baby pool and stayed in it almost all day. This year he isn't too sure about it. However, Bear loves it!



Brody has started telling people that he loves them. He will sign it and verbalize, "love you!"


Brody is also doing a lot of good listening. He is following some 2 step directions. He has become obsessed with letters and numbers lately as well.









Jordan's Aunt Karen retired from teaching this year. We went to her retirement party. Brody was in heaven. They had a DJ and Brody loved dancing. He also loved the buffet of food and kept convincing people he needed more to eat.




Brody has been doing a lot of chalk on the driveway. He is starting to tell you what to draw by naming (mainly signing with some verbalizations) what he wants. The other day, he drew two pictures and told my mom "ice cream" and "3." He named a few more pictures for me yesterday!

Brody's ice cream


Brody's number 3.

We have visited the splash park at the Beckley Creek Park two weekends in a row now. Brody is in heaven! He is still a little wobbly and can't make it around the splash park alone, but Jordan and Papa Brown love it as much as Brody!



Jordan's cousin, Kenny, graduated from high school in Jordan's hometown this weekend. We headed back up to Dayton to celebrate. Brody loved the balloons!


He spent some time with Grandpa Fromholt (Papa Tom's dad). He figured out who would feed him more food (4 cookies, 2 hot dogs, most of Grandpa's chips, veggies, 2 fruit cups, and some cake). Pretty sure Brody is going through a growth spurt. Ms. Melody backed me up in my thinking saying that she noticed him being a little more wobbly. She said she usually sees this wobble when they are growing.