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Friday, May 24, 2013

Big boy!

Brody is standing and pulling up now! He stood and watched Daddy cut the grass for almost 10 minutes before he fell over. My baby is getting so big!

Here's a video of him getting into sit all by himself!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wordless Wednesdays 5/22/13

On Saturday, we participated in the Dayton/Cincinnati Area Walk4Hearing. The Brody Monsters (our team) had 13 walks and two stroller riders. Over all, we raised $1,050 for Ohio's Chapter of AG Bell! Thank you for your support!
Ready to go!


Team getting ready to do the warm up exercises :)

Someone got a little bored half way through.

Awesome team! Thank you for coming out to support Brody!

Saturday night, Brody got his flirt on with a lot of Aunt Sara's high school friends. Miss Nicole threw her a beautiful shower! I'm pretty sure Brody thought it was all for him!

Shower hostesses

Massey girls

Shower game-teams had to make wedding dresses out of toilet paper

Sara picked Shelby as the winner!

Brody flirting :)

Sara and her Bridesmaids

Sunday night, Jordan and I attended a retirement party for Mona McCubbin. She has been the Executive Director at the Heuser Hearing Institute/Heuser Hearing & Language Academy (formally the Louisville Deaf Oral School) since 1991. It was wonderful to hear others say nice words on her behalf. The teachers didn't always see her on a daily basis, but it was good to hear she was always fighting for our students! You will be missed Mona!

Brody has started pulling up this week in his crib. He can also go from laying down to sitting up! Woohoo! Big milestones for him. Maybe he will be walking by Aunt Sara's wedding :) We are hoping to find out a surgery date before next Wednesday. I talked to the office this morning and they said we should hear back in the next 48ish hours. So maybe by Monday. They just got all of the paperwork turned in to insurance.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's so funny!

So we thought we would hear this week when his surgery would be...BUT all we heard was that we were approved from the Cochlear Implant team to get the surgery. We already knew that though :) Now we are waiting on insurance. We should have a surgery date within the next two weeks they said.

Here's a little pick me up if you need it! (Half way through filming I realized he had pulled his hearing aid out...oops!)



Saturday, May 11, 2013

Jacob's Ride at the Reds Game

A man who has an Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implant is riding his bike to all 30 MLB baseball stadiums this summer. I think they said that the Reds stadium was the 10th stop on his ride. Each stadium put so many tickets aside for him. The Reds gave him 100 and they had about 50 people. He is heading to the Tigers next.


You can visit his website at

Brody loved his first game! We were in the nosebleed seats, and I will probably never sit that high again, but it was fun!


Watching batting practice


Brody took a little nap with Aunt Sarah for the first few innings.


Someone thought they were such a big boy when they got to sit in their own seat.


Picture with Jacob!


Dark, but family picture for Brody's first MLB game


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wordless Wednesdays 5/1/13

I have been slacking on the Wordless Wednesday posts. The end of the school year is hectic for a teacher! Here are some pictures from the past two weeks.


New park in Louisville. He was refusing to do any of the equipment but loved the cushioned ground.


Shopping at Lowes for blinds. Brody loves the light aisle!


We went to the Louisville Zoo one Sunday so that Daddy could come too!

Some more Notre Dame pictures that Jordan didn't know I had for his post :)


Brody just chilling at dinner when we got to Notre Dame. The music was loud enough for him to hear, so he couldn't pass out like he wanted to. Yes, we were THOSE parents that know the ones who keep their babies out late :)






At the Balloon Glimmer on the Waterfront...He loved the people watching more than the balloons!


Playing Peek-a-boo while waiting for it to get dark so the balloons could glow!


See...Brody isn't always such a cutie!


Someone has decided not to eat veggies anymore...not good!

It's derby week in Kentucky which means no school on Friday! Woohoo! Spending time with my little monster all day!!