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Friday, August 29, 2014

A year since surgery!

Its been an entire year since surgery! I can't believe it! In the last year, Brody has caught up to his peers with his listening skills. That means that he is a normal two year old when it comes to understanding what is being said to him. He can follow two step directions. He can hear the dog barking outside and go to the door to tell him to be quiet. Brody can hear one of his songs on the radio and start doing the motions along to it. He can laugh when people around him are laughing and show sympathy when he hears a baby crying (or starts pretending to cry to make fun of them...he is two). Best of all, he can hear me say "I love you" and responds with "uh oo." The speech is coming. Slowly, but coming along nicely!

This past year has brought a lot of firsts. Starting with the surgery. We were the first family that we personally knew who had both ears done at the same time. That left a lot of questions that we only could have answered by the doctors. I would have much rather talked with a friend about what was going to happen. The surgery was just over 5 hours. That's a lot of waiting and worrying. Of course Brody was in excellent hands with Dr. Choo, but it was still my little baby in surgery! Then we worried about the healing process. Brody healed perfectly! Lots of prayers went up for his activation day. Two weeks after surgery. Would the implants work? Would he hear? What would his reaction be? Being in the field, I knew that his reaction would not be like the you tube videos. But I thought we would maybe get at least a smile. Nothing...and then crying...then nothing...then ripping it off his head, over and over...then nothing. It took a few days and a few program changes before we saw any progress or even any reaction. Look how far he's come!

In listening therapy today with Ms. Shelby, Brody was imitating 2 and 3 syllable words and phrases. He is also starting to use words and phrases that are routine or reoccurring phrases that we use a lot.

And of course Brody is "reading" some of his Grandma made books! Memory people...he's not really reading!

Thank you Dr. William House for this awesome invention! We are forever in your debt for changing our lives!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Little Catch Up...

We have had a crazy (busy and fun) couple of weeks in the Fromholt house! We attended the Coleman Family Reunion in Pamplin, VA. Pamplin is located close to Appomattox and the historical Appomattox court house. Last year when we went to the reunion, we toured all of the historical sites around the town for Jordan to see since it was his first time. This time, it was a girls plus Brody trip, so we stuck to visiting the family on the farm. My great Uncle Spencer and his wife Jane now live on the farm that was once my Great Great Grandfather's (we called him Old Old Granddaddy). Spencer and Jane have renovated the farm and it is beautiful! Brody loved swimming with the "big kids" in their swimming pool. He also thought he was cool stuff playing in the rock driveway and with the 2nd and 3rd cousins. Over all, we had 72 people and 5 dogs attend the reunion!

Jordan and I took Brody to the Louisville Slugger Museum (the bat museum as it is commonly called around here).  He was just a tad too young to enjoy it. There was a little toddler section that he enjoyed a "batting cage" and running around.

Brody had a "date" to the Louisville Zoo with one of my friend's daughters. He was having an awesome time until the gorilla decided to come up to the glass. He was then petrified of all of the animals for the rest of the zoo. He loved loved loved the little splash park at the zoo. It was the first time we had done it! Then, we saw more animals which again reminded him of the gorilla. He perked up a little big on the train, but wasn't too excited to still be that close to the animals...oops!

We were fortunate to spend the weekend with a wonderful woman who the world lost this past week. Jordan's Grandma Winkle baby sat Brody for us while we were at a rehearsal dinner two week ago. We had not seen her in a few months and were happy to spend the time with her. She had so much fun with Brody and Brody loved being at her house! She passed away way too early in life. We will all miss her terribly!

That weekend, Brody also got to see his Uncle Josh and Aunt Jodi. They went to Enter-train-ment Junction. Not sure who had more fun, Brodes or his Aunt and Uncle. They went to eat afterwards and sent this picture.

Brody's speech has been coming along nicely! He surprised me and imitated "yellow" the other day. He says it pretty good on his own now! He is also saying what sounds like other color words. "Blue" and "white" are pretty clear, the others are still only recognizable by me or if you know that he is talking about the colors.

Brody got the new Aqua+ from Cochlear. It is like the aquabags, except it fits on the ear a lot easier. My guess is that it feels at lot better than a plastic bag on your ear as well. He loves it! We just got one since they are kind of expensive, but the other one is ordered and should be here soon. Brody loved the baby pool and we hung out in it most of the time during the last week of summer!

We went back to the Louisville Zoo again with some of the teachers and their kids from my school. Brody had fun until we got the the gorillas. Brody remembered what that crazy gorilla did before and started hiding in his stroller before we even made it to the window. He refused to look at the rest of the animals. He perked up again for the train!

Jordan went on his annual baseball trip with a few of his fraternity brothers. This time they went to Los Angelos and San Diego. Still jealous of this trip! Brody and I had fun together all alone! (Grandma and Papa Brown were also out of town!)

Daddy brought Otis and Brody hats from the Dodger's game. Aka nacho and ice cream containers. Brody wasn't a fan, but Otis seems to like it!

Jordan's fraternity from college (Theta Chi) hosts an alumni golf tournament back in Richmond, KY every year around this time. Brody and I dropped Jordan and his friend off at the golf course then went garage sale shopping! Brody got a lot of cool stuff...then had a two year old melt down in some really nice lady's driveway. We headed back to meet one of my best friends and her little cousin at Casa Fiesta (always have to stop back there when we are in Richmond). Shortly after lunch, Brody crashed in the car until the golf tournament was finished. Brody brought his golf club (an awesome birthday present from Uncle Jake and Aunt Sarah) and got to go putting with Jordan!