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Saturday, July 27, 2013

We officially have a crawler!

Brody has been army crawling (crawling on his belly) for awhile now. The past week he has been up on all fours crawling short distances. I finally caught him on video!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Roll Tide Baby!

Papa Brown taught Brody to do Roll Tide! We're ready for football season!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wordless Wednesdays 7-24-13

Brody's had a fun week hanging out with Mommy before I have to go back to school! Bear (our dog) has decided to take full advantage of me being home. He had a bad stomach virus all week.This post really isn't "wordless." We had a busy week!

Poor Bear Bear :(

Friday, Brody and I went to PipSqueaks at Heuser. Ms. Paula had organized a parent panel. It was very informative! People tend to think that since I am in the field, I know everything. BUT teaching the child at school and raising the child at home are completely different! We take any advice offered! If you haven't seen it yet, here is a news segment done on one of Brody's PipSqueaks peers. She is super sweet and cute! Reyn is already making huge progress within the past two months and I have no doubt she will be amazing us for years to come! She did have good benefit from her hearing aids before the surgery, where Brody has nothing. This helps in how quickly she is progressing. Hopefully Brody won't be too far behind though!

Friday night, we had a going away party for Aunt Sara and Uncle Dany. They are moving to Panama. Dany's family lives there. They are spending some time in Miami before flying down to Panama. Their dogs have to be acclimated to the heat before they can move down.

Saturday, Grammy and Papa Tom came down to visit. While Papa Tom helped Jordan move Aunt Sara's couch, Grammy got to spend some time with Brody. Of course, I didn't get any pictures! Oops!

Sunday, we went out to eat with the family after church. Afterwards, we went back to Grandma and Papa Brown's house. Grandma found some old family videos that we watched for about 4 hours. We didn't know what was worse-the clothes or the haircuts! There were a few videos where Brody looked just like Mommy when she was little!

Monday, we had to say good-bye to Aunt Sara and Uncle Dany. :( After a crazy day and leaving later than they had wanted to, they headed off to Miami for a few days. Brody is very sad (and so are we)! I had a really cute video of him waving good-bye, but I can't get it to load right. I'll keep working on it.

Getting in some last minute Aunt Sara time!

Waving bye!

We were supposed to go to Aquatherapy again, but it was storming and we couldn't get in the pool.

Tuesday, Ms. Pat, Brody's Physical therapist, came. They are doing a reevaluation for eligibility to keep receiving First Step (Kentucky's early intervention) services. Since Brody has the Usher Syndrome diagnosis, he pretty much qualifies for all of First Steps. We also talked about adding an Occupational Therapist to his plan. When Daddy got home, we got out the water table Aunt Sara gave Brody for his birthday. He loves it! Although, he keeps trying to get into it like a baby pool. We also got to FINALLY enjoy our new deck! This whole deck building process has been a nightmare! They have to come back and fix a few things and then it is officially finished! 


Warm baby after playing in the water table

Helping himself to the veggie straws

Daddy bought us Notre Dame tickets the other day, soma mommy put me in the Bama jersery! 

Brody is trying really hard to crawl on all fours (with his head up). He will go short distances but if it is longer, the head goes back down or he resorts to crawling. I keep trying to get it on film, but he gets camera shy.

Ignore Cars blaring in the background. I didn't have time to mute it!

Mommy has professional development the rest of the week, so Brody gets to hang out with Grandma! I don't know who is more excited Brody or Grandma!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesdays 7/17/13

So again...a not so Wordless post :) I can't believe it has been one year since we found out about Brody's deafness. Our family has grown in so many ways because of it. We have met friends that would probably have not cross our paths with. We also have been able to attend a few special events. Like we have said in the past, life with a hearing child would be easier in many aspects, but I would not change Brody for anything!

Here is a throwback picture of the day we found out Brody was deaf. He is getting fitted with his loaner hearing aids here.
So little!

Brody had a busy week this week. Monday, Paula, his Developmental Interventionist/Teacher of the Deaf, and Mary, his Vision Impaired Teacher, came together. They think he is doing great and, like us, can't wait to see what he will do after surgery. Tuesday night, we had our family pictures taken. Love them! Here's a preview on her blog- We headed out Thursday to Virginia for the Coleman Family reunion. This is my maternal grandmother's family. They get together around July 11th every year! It is held at my Great Aunt and Great Uncle's farm. It was my Great-Grandparent's (my grandmother's parents) house. My sister and I called them Old Old Grandaddy and Old Old Grandma. We had a great time! Then, Jordan, Brody, and I headed on to Virginia Beach so Brody could have his first beach trip. We didn't get back until late last night.

 My Great-Grandparents. Old Old Grandaddy scrapbooked before it was cool. He saved almost every card, note, newspaper article, etc. He also had all of the family photos in albums by date and labeled. Very neat to look back and know who is who in the photos!

Brody signing Daddy!

 What we do best at the reunion...EAT!

 Jordan and Uncle Carl playing cornhole.

We went to the Appomattox Courthouse on Saturday before we went to the farm. 

 He doesn't look comfortable, but I promise he likes it!

 They were playing a baseball game dressed in civil war attire with the baseball rules from that time period.  The house is the McLean house where Lee surrendered to Grant.

 Where the last cannon was fired.

 Sunday, we headed to Virginia Beach. Brody was not a fan at all of the beach the first day.

Clinging to Daddy for dear life!


They had fish at the restaurant
we ate at. Brody thought it was so cool! We were also told by more than one person that Brody was the best behaved baby they had ever seen. I'll take that! 

He liked it better by the end of the day.

 Not a big fan of the waves.
 Getting brave!
 Save me!
 Hi Daddy!

 Our beach setup. If you do not have a beach tent...I highly recommend it! He also loved the baby pool. He got to play in the water and cool off without having to deal with the waves.

Beach baby! Thanks for the outfit Owen and Gadbois Family!

Walking on the pier.

 Sleepy baby cuddling with Otis.

Poor Brody got the big Fromholt head. Hats hardly ever fit him!

We stopped at the Virginia Aquarium on the way home Tuesday. Brody loved the fish. By the end of the day, he was signing fish! Now he can sign Mommy, Daddy, fish, more, look, up, finish/all done, and milk. Such a smart boy!

 He loved the fish!

 He kept waving to them...but now we are thinking he was trying to sign fish!

 The turtles were also hilarious!

At the end of the aquarium they had a bunny. Not what you usually see at an aquarium, but Brody loved it!

Worn out after the aquarium.

We stopped on the way home and got ice cream.

Loving on his Bunny while he slept. 

Little stinker!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July

Well, I was too busy yesterday to make a wordless Wednesday so it's going to be a talkative Thursday :)


Playing with his Elephant from Uncle Perk and Uncle Leister
Brody started signing mommy this week!
Holding hands with his new dog Otis
We went to St. Joes on Sunday for the food trucks. We waited forever, but it was so good! Brody loved his grilled cheese!
We went to our church's Freedom Festival Sunday night. They had bands, games, and food.
After hanging out at the pool


Someone loves bath time now that we took out the bath seat.
Just driving to Aqua therapy
Worn out after therapy. He was falling asleep in the pool.


We joined my parents at their church's fireworks last night. Brody was so amazed!


We got up early and headed to St. Louis to see Great Aunt Bobbie. Brody loves his new juice box holder.
Brody had his first Ted Drewes concrete today. Strawberry...Yummy!


Throwback to last year on the 4th of July. Brody was so little. He was only 2 weeks old. We had not found out he was deaf yet and oddly enough I had emailed the audiologist to see what ear protection was small enough for me to use with him. We ended up forgetting to bring any to the fireworks with us. I guess it was okay :)
Brody playing with Lexi, my cousin's daughter.
Happy 4th from the Fromholts!